Веселая английская грамматика

   В 1934 году в США вышла детская книга Munro Leaf под названием "Grammar can be fun" (что приблизительно означает "Грамматика может быть интересной"). В книге изложенные в занимательной форме речевые и грамматические правила сопровождаются рисунками, имитирующими детские. Ниже вы можете познакомиться с некоторыми положениями из этой книги и рисунками из нее.

Почему не стоит говорить AIN'T, YEAH, GIMME, WANNA, GONNA


Now you see why no one even likes to hear his name.
Never say AIN'T.
That is being just as lazy as he is.


   And this is one of the most auful little creatures of all.


   This is GIMME.
   Doesn't he look like a spider?
   All day long he shouts GIMME this, GIMME that and grabs with all those hands.
   If he should say PLEASE GIVE ME, he would be much nicer and he wouldn't look so queer.


   GIMME has two little sisters who are just as bad he is.
   They are GONNA and WANNA.
   GONNA just will not say what she should, which is GOING TO.
   WANNA just will not say what she should, which is WANT TO.

   Don't YOU be like GONNA, GIMME or WANNA.


   This is NOT.
Sometimes people say NOT so quickly it is just N'T.
   This is NO.
They are both nice, but they should not get together in the same santence.

Глагол DO с отрицанием

   DO is a word that mixes us up another way – that is, when we use it with NOT and say it quickly, DON'T.
   We say I DO NOT or quickly YOU DON'T.
   But we say HE or SHE DOES NOT. Never, Never HE or SHE DON'T.

Глаголы CAN и MAY

   This is CAN. He is able to do things. That means he is old enough, or big enough, or strong enough to do them.

   This is MAY. She is polite and asks when she wants to do things.

Формы глаголов LIE и LAY

   IF you stretch yourself out you LIE down. Some time ago you LAY down. And when finished you HAVE LAIN down.

   IF you put something else somewhere you LAY it there. Some time ago you LAID it there. And when finished you HAVE LAID it there.

Формы глагола DRINK

   When I thirty I DRINK WATER. Some time ago I DRANK WATER. And when I have finished I HAVE DRUNK WATER.