Art in your face / Искусство "в лицах"

   In the streets of Paris, you come face-to-face with art .
   Hundreds of masks were created by Gregos, a truck driver turned self-taught street artist.
   And he's just installed his 500th sculpture. The masks replicate the artist's features.
   Most are spread all over the French capital, but with his masks also adorning the streets of Japan, Brazil and the US, Gregos is one artist who is rarely out of sight.

Ключевые слова (определение на английском языке)

face-to-face – meeting someone in the same place
self-taught – someone who learnt something by themselves, without a teacher
replicate – reproduce
features – the different parts of a person's face
adorning – decorating, making a place or thing look beautiful


Вставьте слова в нужном месте (в правильной форме):

a) face-to-face
b) self-taught
c) replicate
d) features
e) adorning

   1. John Kent, leader of Thurrock Council, said: "I fear that if you build another bridge or another tunnel in the east of the borough all you'll do is ___ the problems of the west in the east – and everybody in the middle will be stuck in a hideous pincer movement."
   2. The colourful banners and billboards hung out to celebrate South Sudan's independence back in July, and still ___ the streets now, are all in English. As are the names of the new hotels, shops and restaurants.
   3. Through endless hours of ___ talks and telephone conversations, aides from all sides are trying to put together a detailed plan of incentives and commitments.
   4. "When you say she has had her make-up tattooed on it sounds really shocking. But actually it is done very subtly," she said. "It's done to enhance her ___, it's not done to change her, to make her look like somebody else. It's not done to change the way she looks."
   5. Emma Smith, who is studying for her A-levels at Hull's Wyke College, is a ___ street dancer. She learned the dance movements by watching videos of her favourite choreographers on the internet.


1) c
2) e
3) a
4) d
5) b