Pink power / Сила розового цвета

   You might think standing out in the wild would work against you.
   But for flamingos, it's the pinker and older birds who seem to be the key individuals in the flock.
   That's the conclusion reached by researchers in Britain. They are trying to understand the animals in order to help them thrive in captivity.
   Four of the six remaining species of flamingo are threatened with extinction. Many of their wetland habitats are being affected by mining.

Ключевые слова (определение на английском языке)

standing out – being obvious and noticeable
flock – group of birds, sheep or goats
thrive – be successful, healthy or happy
extinction – complete disappearance of a particular species of animal or plant
wetland – area of land which is often covered with water


Вставьте слова в нужном месте (в правильной форме):

a) standing out
b) flock
c) thrive
d) extinction
e) wetland

   1. Scottish Natural Heritage said the hot weather had helped wild raspberries and brambles ___ across the country. The fruits have grown particularly well across Tayside, especially in the fertile Strathmore valley.
   2. Scientists say there is an urgent need for more research on both ___ and dryland areas in the Andes to get a better sense of what will affect water supplies in a warming world.
   3. What is it that makes a good boss ___ from his or her corporate colleagues and rivals? Key attributes for a successful chief executive would include the ability to lead others, to see in advance what needs doing and to be passionate about problem-solving.
   4. "If humans contributed to the mass ___ of big animals 12,000 years ago, this suggests that humans started to affect the environment at global scales before the dawn of agriculture," Dr Wolf observed.
   5. A man who says he has been attacked by seagulls three times and forced to run off in panic has called for the birds' nests to be removed. Keith Lee said he had been repeatedly targeted by a ___ of the gulls whilst walking on a cycle path in Hull.


1) c
2) e
3) a (stand out)
4) d
5) b