A delicate job for hard men / Деликатная работа для суровых мужчин

   An unusual sight in a tough environment.
   Inmates in a Brazilian prison have been learning how to knit.
   The scheme, which sees prisoners working on intricate woollen designs, is a collaboration between prison authorities and a fashion designer.
   Prisoners are paid 75 percent of the local minimum wage and also earn days off their sentence.

Ключевые слова (определение на английском языке)

tough – strong and difficult

inmates – people in prison

to knit – to make woollen clothes by creating knots with needles

intricate – complex

minimum wage – the least amount of money to be legally paid for work done


Вставьте слова в нужном месте (в правильной форме):

a) tough;
b) inmates;
c) to knit;
d) intricate;
e) minimum wage.

   1. Each doll takes at least a month to make because of the ___detail and design, and thousands of brush strokes are used to create and layer the colour of each doll to make them as life-like as possible.
   2. The 136-year-old jail was one of seven prisons shut by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to cut costs. The last ___ were transferred to other prisons at the end of February.
   3. Bangladesh's ___ for garment workers is currently $38 (£25) a month, the lowest in the world.
   4. The parrot had plucked out most of its feathers was said to resemble an oven-ready chicken. A vet said it should be put down but Rebecca Blagg, the charity's coordinator, ___ jumpers to keep it warm.
   5. The cave environment is a ___ place in which to make a living, limited in food and essential nutrients, forcing microorganisms to fight over limited resources.


1) d
2) b
3) e
4) c (knitted)
5) e