Магазинчик или художественная галерея? / Corner shop or art gallery?

   An old-fashioned corner shop in London... Look closely at the stock, though, and you'll realise things are not quite what they seem.
   Everything is made of felt – even this packet of frozen chips.
   But the owner, Lucy Sparrow, isn't trying to stitch you up. She's an artist.
   It took her seven months to create the 4,000 items on display.
   Everything's for sale but one thing the shopkeeper's not cutting is the prices.

Ключевые слова (определение на английском языке)

stock – all the things for sale in a shop
felt – type of soft fabric, usually made from wool
frozen – stored at a temperature below zero degrees Celsius
to stitch you up – to deceive or trick you
shopkeeper – owner of a shop


Вставьте слова в нужном месте (в правильной форме):

a) stock
b) felt
c) frozen
d) to stitch you up
e) shopkeeper

   1. "Frustrated, furious and helpless": this is how Ghulam Sakhi, a ___ in the western province of Herat, sums up his feelings. "The market is empty," he says, standing amid bales of multi-coloured fabric in his shop.
   2. A toy shop staffed by the same family for six generations is to close for the last time after more than 100 years. Simpsons Toy Shop in Stowmarket, Suffolk, was due to shut on Christmas Eve but has continued to trade to clear its remaining ___.
   3. "I've worked in a very aggressive environment where people will ___ to further their own careers," he said.
   4."It's true scientifically that you do start to lose [some] nutrients as soon as the product is picked, but I don't think it's such a massive loss that you're not still getting those nutrients. It's still an incredibly healthy product to eat regardless of whether it's fresh or ___," says Barker.
   5. Textile artist Martine Farrant was approached by trail co-ordinator Rosie Sandler to create the installation. The inspiration came from Top Gear presenter James May's plasticine garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. "The idea was that the entire garden would be made out of textiles, so fabric, ____, knitting, crochet, whatever," said Martine.


1) e
2) a
3) d
4) c
5) b