Snail farming / Разведение улиток

   Slimy and squishy, they might not be to everyone's taste.
   But snails are growing in popularity as a delicacy, according to British snail farmer Helen Howard.
   She started breeding them in her spare room seven years ago, and feeds them a special meal of cereals, powdered chalk and dried milk.
   Global travel has made people more adventurous in what they eat, says Helen.
   Though it might be some time before these slow creatures become fast food.

Ключевые слова (определение на английском языке)

squishy – soft and easy to crush
delicacy – food that is rare or expensive
breeding – keeping animals for the purpose of mating and producing more animals
powdered – made into powder (a soft substance like sand)
adventurous – keen to try new things


Вставьте слова в нужном месте (в правильной форме):

a) squishy
b) delicacy
c) breeding
d) powdered
e) adventurous

   1. A 90-year-old grandmother from Alabama showed it is never too late to be __ by celebrating her birthday with a skydive.
   2. Dr Chalker-Scott says that research she carried out in Seattle with newly transplanted trees showed that wood chip mulching was just as effective as adding ___ materials and gels to the soil. And it was significantly cheaper.
   3. "This leads us to believe that our animal was probably eating soft, ___ things like calamari. It was probably eating squid or its relatives that were swimming in the ocean at the time."
   4.It may not be as famous as an oyster, but across Asia, and especially in China, the humble abalone is a popular ___ – with a hefty price tag to match.
   5. Now he is not only ___ and training ponies for profit, he is also winning trophies.


1) e
2) d
3) a
4) b
5) c