Wedding saviours / Спасители свадьбы

   The lush surroundings of Yosemite National Park.
   Joy and Adam saved for a year to hold their wedding here.
   But the US government shutdown forced national parks to close, leaving their dream in tatters.
   Thankfully, their story inspired strangers to step in and donate not only a new venue, but also catering, flowers and the cake.
   So, the happy couple tied the knot after all.

Ключевые слова (определение на английском языке)

lush – having a lot of green plants and trees
shutdown – an occasion when a machine or organisation stops working
in tatters – badly damaged or completely spoiled
donate – give money or goods to help an organisation or person
tied the knot – got married

   Yosemite National Park – Йосемитский национальный парк. Расположен в горах Сьерра-Невада (штат Калифорния). В 1984 году парк получил статус "Всемирного наследия" под эгидой ЮНЕСКО.


Вставьте слова в нужном месте (в правильной форме):

a) lush;
b) shutdown;
c) in tatters;
d) donate;
e) tied the knot.

   1. With the Afghan economy ___, hunting and trading in birds offers a welcome source of income for many struggling Afghans.
   2. Even the children dream of a better day. When they were asked to paint happy scenes on the bare walls of their school trailers, they drew ___ green landscapes with story-book houses that looked like Switzerland.
   3. All around the world, more and more people are ___ their time to take part in online volunteering projects. What motivates them to help strangers without expectation of money or even thanks?
   4. Leaders have gathered for the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit in Bali, Indonesia, with the notable exception of US president Barack Obama. He cancelled his trip owing to the partial US government ___.
   5. American actress Scarlett Johansson is engaged. The 28-year-old Avengers star is set to ___ with independent advertising agency owner Romain Dauriac.


1) c
2) a
3) d (donating)
4) b
5) e (tie the knot)