Muzzy In Gondoland: scenes 59–67

Scene 59.

King: Corvax! Stop the computer!
Corvax: I can't, your Majesty.
King: Of course you can. It's your computer.
Corvax: Yes, I know. It's mine, but I can't stop it.
King: Well, I can stop it. Excuse me. Excuse me.
Corvax: Be careful! Be careful!
King: It's all right, Corvax.
Corvax: Don't... don't do that! Ooh!
King: Corvax! Corvax! Help me!

Scene 60.

Sylvia: Look! There's one!
Muzzy: And there's one! And there! Oh, there are lots of them!
Bob: There's a fat one!
Muzzy: Ah, that one's fatter! Look!
Sylvia: There's a big one!
Muzzy: That's a bigger one over there!
Bob: Come on, Muzzy!

Scene 61.

'Sylvia' 1: I'm big.
'Sylvia' 2: I'm bigger.
Norman: The first one's big. The second one's bigger.
'Sylvia' 3: I'm small.
Norman: Yes. The third one's small. And the fourth one's smaller.
The fifth is tall. The sixth is taller. The seventh is, er, fat.
And the eighth is...
'Sylvia' 8: Fatter. Ha, ha, ha.

Scene 62.

King: Help me, Corvax.
Corvax: I can't, your Majesty.
King: Silly. You're silly.
Corvax: Oh dear! What can I do?
Ah, I can run away.
Yes! The helicopter!
King: Help. Help, Corvax! Corvax!
Corvax: Excuse me, your Majesty.
Queen: What's happening?
Where are you going?
Corvax: To the helicopter.
King: Help!
Queen: Oh... The King's in the computer, Corvax. Stop!
Bob: Hey! Stop! Muzzy! Go up there to the computer room! Help the Queen. I can stop Corvax.
Muzzy: Sorry! Excuse me!
Sylvia: Excuse me.
Muzzy: Oh, I beg your pardon.
Bob: Stop! Stop! Stop!

Scene 63.

Queen: Who's - What's that?
Sylvia: It's all right. That's Muzzy. He's a friend. Muzzy, this is the Queen.
Muzzy: Your Majesty!
King: What's happening? What's that green thing?
Queen: Oh, that's not a thing. That's Muzzy. He's a friend.
King: But he can't help! Where's Corvax?
Queen: Ah, yes. Corvax can help. Corvax is clever.
King: No, he isn't. He's silly.
Muzzy: I can help, your Majesty.
King: You? But you aren't clever.
Muzzy: I am. Mm. Lovely!
Sylvia: What are you doing, Muzzy?
Muzzy: Wait a moment.

Scene 64.

Queen: What are you doing?
Muzzy: Excuse me. I'm hungry.
Queen: Hungry? But the King in there. Why are you eating that?
Muzzy: Because I like it. Ah, I see. This goes here. No, no it doesn't.
Sylvia: Careful, please, Muzzy!
Muzzy: It's all right. It goes in here, and this goes in here.

Scene 65.

Muzzy: All right, your Majesty. I'm ready.
King: I'm ready too. It's hot in here. Ah! That's better.
Queen: Thank you, Muzzy. You are clever.
Sylvia: Where's Bob?
Queen: Bob? Bob the gardener? Oh, look...
Sylvia: Come on, Bob! Great!
King and Queen: Come on! Well done! Hurray!
King: OK. We've got him. Corvax! Corvax! Wake up!
Corvax: Wha... What's happening? Who are you? Where am I? Why am I here? Who am I?
Sylvia: You're Corvax. And you're silly.
Corvax: Yes, I'm silly. No, I'm not. I'm clever.
King: You are not clever, Corvax.
Bob: Take him away!
King: Yes. Take him away!

Scene 66.

Muzzy: Stand there! Now... try this.
Bob: They're going. They're going into the computer.
Sylvia: There goes a red one.
Bob: There goes a blue one.
Sylvia: There goes a green one.
Bob: A black and white one too.
King: Lots and lots of Sylvias coming back this way.
Queen: Three cheers for Muzzy.
Both: Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
Sylvia: Now there are ten of them.
Bob: Now there are nine.
Sylvia: Eight-seven-six-five.
Bob: Four's going in now.
Sylvia: There goes number three.
Bob: Number two and number one, and that leaves...
Sylvia: Me!
All: Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
Sylvia: You and I are happy.
Both: A – E – I – O – U
Bob: Now we are together.
Both: I love you.
Norman: Who is that beautiful girl?
What is her name?
Where does she come from?
When can I see her?
Why am I down here?
Sylvia: Now we are together.
Both: I love you.

Scene 67.

Muzzy: That goes in there. This goes up here.
Corvax: I don't like this job.
Muzzy: That one.
Corvax: That one?
Muzzy: No, the big one.
Corvax: Oh, dear! Oh, dear! Oh, dear!
Muzzy: Now for that one.
Corvax: This?
Muzzy: And that one!
Corvax: What a dirty job!
Muzzy: Now it's lunch-time.
Corvax: Yes, I'm hungry
Muzzy: Take all those away.
Corvax: Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!
Muzzy: Now I'm in my spaceship. Now I'm going away.
King: Thank you. Thank you, Muzzy. Please come back some day.
All: Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! We're saying goodbye to Muzzy. We're saying goodbye to you.
All: The King, the Queen, Sylvia, Bob, Corvax and Norman too. Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!