What's this? What's that? / Что это? А что то? – Follow Me! (7 серия)


Customs officer: Is this your suitcase?
Tourist: Yes, it is.
Customs officer: And is this your suitcase?
Tourist: Yes, it is.
Customs officer: Would you open this, one, please?
Tourist: Yes.
Customs officer: Excuse me. What's this?
Tourist: It's a bottle. A bottle of wine.
Customs officer: And these? What are these?
Tourist: It's soap.
Customs officer: And these? What are these?
Tourist: They're cigarettes.

What's this?/What are these?

What's this? It's |a bottle of wine/wine.
What are these? They're cigarettes.

Is this your?

Is this your suitcase? Yes, it is.


Woman: What's that?
Man: It's a river.
Woman: Is that a river?
Man: No, it isn't. That's a road.
Woman: Is that grass?
Man: Yes, it is. It's green.
Woman: What are those? There.
Man: Those are trees, I think. Wait a moment. Yes, they're trees.
Woman: And that's a house. And those are houses. And those. Man: And that's a road. Straight ahead. This way.

What's that? / What are those?

What's that? That's a river.
What are those? Those are houses.

Singular – tree/Plural – trees

a hotel a bank a house
hotels banks houses

The London quiz

Quizmaster: Hello, and welcome to the London Quiz. Yes, a quiz about London. Here are six question about London and this is question one. Question one. What's this?
1st and 2nd members: It's the Tower of London.
Quizmaster: Yes, and question two is 'How old is the Tower of London?' Is it 500 years old? Is it 700 years old or is it 900 years old?
1st member: 900.
Quizmaster: Yes. Yes, the Tower of London is 900 years old. Right. Question three. What's this?
3rd member: The River Thames.
Quizmaster: Yes. Here's question four. How long is the River Thames? Is it 238 kilometres long? Or is it 438 kilometres long?
1st member: I don't now.
2nd member: I think it's 338 kilometres long.
Quizmaster: Yes, it is. Here's question five. What's this?
1st member: Is that Buckingham Palace?
Quizmaster: No, it isn't.
2nd member: Is it Big Ben?
Quizmaster: Yes, it is. And question six is 'How high is Big Ben'? Is it 78 metres high? Is it 88 metres high? Or is it 98 metres high?
3rd member: 88?
Quizmaster: No. It isn't 88 metres high.
2nd member: 98?
Quizmaster: Yes, well done! Big Ben is 98 metres high.

How high / old / long?

How high / old / long is it?
It's 78 metres high/500 years old/338 kilometres long.