How are you? / Как дела? – Follow Me! (2 серия)

Conversation. Introduction

Francis: Hello, Jane.
Jane: Hello, I'm fine, thanks, Francis.
Francis: Jane, this is Bill.
Jane: Hello, Bill.
Bill: Hello, Jane.

Mr Robinson: How do you do? I'm George Robinson.
Francis: How do you do, Mr Robinson?
I'm Francis Mattews.

Mr Robinson: And this is my wife.
Francis: How do you do, Mrs Robinson?
Mr Robinson: How do you do?

Hello, How are you?

A. Hello, How are you?
B. I'm fine, thanks. How are you?

How do you do?

A. Jane, this is Bill.
Bill, this is Jane.

B. Hello, I'm Bill.
C. Hello, Bill. I'm Jane.

B. How do you do?
D. How do you do?


Francis: Who's that?
Sam: That's Barbara.
Francis: Is she your sister?
Sam: No. No, she isn't my sister.
Francis: She's your girlfriend!
Sam: No.

That's Barbara

A. Who's that?
B. That's (that is) Barbara.

A. Is she your sister?
B. No. No, she isn't (is not) my sister.
A. (I think) she's your girlfriend.

My family

my father/ my mother/ my sister/ my brother/ my wife/ my husband
her brother/ her sister/ her mother/ her father
his father/ his mother/ his sister/ his brother

Conversation. Name, address, telephone number

Father: Your boyfriend. What's his name?
Kathy: Francis Matthews.
Father: What's his address?
Kathy: 7, London Road, London S.W.18.
Father: What's his telephone number?
Kathy: 314 84 11
Father: And his name? How do you spell it?
Kathy: F–R–A–N–C–I–S M–A–T–T–H–E–W–S.
Father: Hello? Is that Francis Matthews?

Number 11–20

11 eleven/ 12 twelve/ 13 thiteen/ 14 fourteen/ 15 fifteen/ 16 sixteen/
17 seventeen/ 18 eighteen/ 19 nineteen/ 20 twenty/

What's his name?

What's his name, please? Francis Matthews
How do you spell it? F–R–A–N–C–I–S M–A–T–T–H–E–W–S
What's his address? 7, London Road, London S.W.18
What's his telephone number? 314 84 11