Buying things / Покупки – Follow Me! (17 серия)

How much does it cost?

Salesgirl: Good morning, sir. Can I help you?
Mr Williams: Yes. I'm looking for a present for my wife.
Salesgirl: This handbag is very nice, sir.
Mr Williams: Is it expensive?
Salesgirl: Oh, no, sir! It's quite cheap. It costs fifteen pounds.
Mr Williams: Fifteen pounds! That's too expensive, I'm afraid. Salesgirl: Look at this vase, sir.
Mr Williams: No, that one's too big. What about the one next to it?
Salesgirl: Ah, yes, sir. This one is smaller. And it's cheaper. Mr Williams: How much does it cost?
Salesgirl: Eleven pounds, thirty pence.
Mr Williams: Eleven pounds thirty! It's too expensive. And it's too heavy.

How much does it cost?

A How much does it cost?
B It costs eight pounds fifty.
A It's too expensive.
B This one's quite cheap.

English Money

English currency is the pound sterling.
There are 100 pence in one pound.
One pound = 1
One pound and twenty pence is 1.20 (One pound twenty).

Too expensive / not cheap enough

Do you like the handbag / suitcase?
It's / They're too / not expensive small.
It's / They're too / not cheap/big enough.

What's it made of?

Mr Williams: How much is this hat?
Salesman: Fifty pounds, madam.
Mr Williams: That's expensive. What's it made of?
Salesman: It'a made of real fur. It's a very good hat.
Mr Williams: Hm...
Salesman: Those hats are cheaper. That one there is twelve Pounds. Who's it for?
Mr Williams: It's for my husband.
Salesman: It's probably too small for you husband. Um. It isn't big enough. It's size five. Now, this one's bigger.
Mr Williams: What size is it?
Salesman: It's size seven. Is that big enough?
Mr Williams: Yes. It's the right size.

It's made of fur

How much is this hat?
What's it made of?
It's made of fur.
What size is it?
It's size seven. Is that big enough?

What size is it? / Are you?

It's size 12. It isn't big enough.
It's too small. I'm size 16.

What size:
is the hat?
are you?
is she?
It's/I'm/She's size 7/12.

How much is it?
How much does it cost?
(it's) 6.50
(it costs) 4.50

A kilo of tomatoes

Greengrocer: There you are, Mrs Williams. A kilo of tomatoes, half a kilo of carrots, four apples and two lemons. Anything else?
Mrs Williams: Yes, please. A big cabbage, and two kilos of potatoes. Oh, and pine apple...
Greengrocer: The pineapples are very expensive. Eighty pence for this small one.
Mrs Williams: It looks too small.
Greengrocer: Is this one big enough?
Mrs Williams: Yes, I'll buy that one.
Greengrocer: That'll be one pound twenty for the pineapple. Two pounds fifty all together.

That'll be...

There you are.
That'll be one pound twenty.
Two pounds fifty all together.

A kilo / kilos

A kilo / Half a kilo / Two kilos of tomatoes / potatoes / carrots.