Going away / Поездка – Follow Me! (16 серия)

A Holiday in Spain

Travel Agent: Are you going away on holiday?
Robber: Yes, I'm going away.
Travel Agent: Then book an XYZ holiday. Look! A holiday in Spain – in Majorca. There are flights on weekdays at twelve o'clock. The train Leaves Victoria Station at ten. It arrives at Gatwick airport at ten forty.
The flight leaves at twelve and gets to Majorca at fourteen thirty – half past two in the afternoon.
Robber: Can I go today?
Travel Agent: Sorry, sir. Not today. Not on Saturday.
Robber: Tomorrow, then.
Travel Agent: No, sir. Tomorrow is Sunday. We haven't got any flights on Saturday or Sunday. Is next week all right? Monday next week?

(XYZ – что угодно, какой угодно)

There's a... / There are...

There are flights on weekdays at twelve o'clock.
We haven't got any flightson Saturday or Sunday.
The flight leaves at twelve and gets to Majorca at fourteen thirty.

There's a flight / train on Monday / Wednesday at two o'clock.

On weekands = Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday At weekands = Saturday Sunday

24 hour clock

Ten o'clock / Fifteen thirty / twenty ten

Ten o'clock in the morning. The train leaves at ten. Half past three in the afternoon. The train leaves at fifteen thirty.
Ten past eight in the evening. The train leaves at twenty ten.

I'll be home late tonight

Bank Manager: I'm sorry, darling. I'll be home late tonight.
Wife: Where are you?
Bank Manager: I'm in my office. I'm working.
But I'll be home in two hours. It's seven o'clock now. I'll be home at nine o'clock.
Wife: Will you be late tomorrow?
Bank Manager: Tomorrow? No, I won't be late tomorrow.
I'll be early. I'll be back at four o'clock. Will you be at home then?
Wife: Of course.
Bank Manager: Good! And the next day we'll be on holiday.

I will/I won't

I'll (I will) |
I won't (will not) | be home late | tonight/tomorrow.

I'll be back at four o'clock.
Will you be at home then?

Next week / in two hours

When will you be back?
I'll be back | next week | in two/four hours/tomorrow.

When did you arrives? (conversation)

Young Man: Are you on an XYZ holiday?
Bank Manager: Yes, I'm afraid we are.
Young Man: I'm on an XYZ holiday too.
Wife: When did you arrive?
Young Man: I arrived this morning. The plane was late.
It was delayed.
Young Lady: Yes, we arrived in Majorca twelve hours late. We arrived at half past two in the morning.
Bank Manager: Our plane was late, too.
Young Man: Did you arrive today?
Bank Manager: No, we didn't. We arrived yesterday.
We arrived last night.
Wife: Our flight was late. We were seven hours late.

Was / were / arrived

The plane was late.

We were/arrived in Majorca seven/twelve hours late.

Did you arrive today?
No, we didn't (did not). We arrived yesterday.

I'm late.
We are late.

I was late.
We were late.

I arrived:
this morning.
last night.