Where's he gone? / Куда он ушел? – Follow Me! (15 серия)


Secretary: Hello. Francis Matthews' office.
Mr Jones: Is Mr Matthews there, please?
Secretary: I'm afraid Mr Matthews is out.
Mr Jones: Out?
Secretary: Yes, he's out. He's gone to lunch.
He's gone to a restaurant, I think.
Mr Jones: Oh! When is he coming back, please?
Secretary: He's coming back at two o'clock.
Sorry. He isn't coming back at three. Can I take a massage for him?
Mr Jones: No, thank you.

Where is he? He's out

Is Mr Matthews there, please?
I'm afraid he's out. He's coming back at two. Can I take a message?

Where have they gone? / When are they coming back?

Jane's (Jane has) gone to lunch.

Sam's/ Sally's / Francis has | gone to | the cinema / Munich / Bill and Mary's.

She's (she is) / He's (he is) | coming back | at | 2.30 / 6.00 / 7.00 / on Saturday.

Tane. I'm out to lunch. Back at 2–30.
Sam, Gone to the CINEMA. BACK at 2–30


Mr Jones: Excuse me. I'm looking for Francis Matthews.
Waitress: Mr Matthews? He's having lunch with some friends. They're outside.
Francis: Can you help me?
Manager: Yes, Mr Matthews. What's the matter?
Francis: I'm looking for the waitress and I can't find her.
Manager: I'll find her, Sir. But there's a gentleman outside. He's looking for you.
Mr Jones: Excuse me. I'm looking for Francis Matthews.
Bob: Oh. He's inside.
Mr Jones: Is he coming back? Oh, yes. I think so. He's getting some coffee.

Excuse me. I'm looking for Francis Matthews.
Can you help me? I can't find Francis Matthews.

over there.
having lunch with some friends (over there).

Excuse me.
There's a gentleman / lady over there.
He's / She's looking for you.

Where are they?

They're outside. He's inside. There's a gentleman outside.
They're having lunch. He's getting some coffee.
He's looking for you.


Wife: Ah, you're back. Where have you been?
Husband: I've been to the football match. Where have you been?
Wife: Well, I've been here, at home.

Girl: Ah, there you are.
Woman: Sorry, I'm late. I've been to the shops.
Where have you been ?
Girl: I've been at work.

Man: Hello, Jill. Where have you been ?
Girl: I've been to Majorca.

He's gone to... / He's been to...

He's gone to lunch.
He's been to lunch.

Where have you been?

Where have you been?
I've been to London and Paris and Madrid.

Have you been to Paris?
Yes, I have.
No, I haven't.