Episode 8: The newcomer / Эпизод 8: Новоприбывшая (английские омофоны)

Alice: Hi Michal! Look what I found in a box, near the rubbish bins outside the hospital. Can you believe someone wanted to throw her away! Isn't she adorable?

Michal: What are you going to call her? How about Bronka? That's a good Polish name.

Alice: Mm, I think she looks more like a Co-Co...Oh, hi Helen, meet our new flatmate. We just need to find a name for her.

Helen: Em, I don't think so. You know we're not allowed pets in the flat. It's against the rules.

   В английском языке много слов звучат одинаково, но означают разные вещи и пишутся по-разному. Некоторые примеры:

Our (наш) and Hour (час)
This is our house.
He was waiting for you for over an hour.

New (новый) and knew (знать)
I love your new dress!
I knew the answer as soon as she asked the question.

Meet (встретить) and Meat (мясо)
Do you want to meet later for a drink?
She's a vegetarian so she doesn't eat fish or meat.

You (ты, Вы) and Ewe (овца)
You need to do more studying.
You can get wool from a ram (a male sheep) or a ewe (a female sheep).