Episode 7: Paying the rent / Эпизод 7: Арендная плата (английские фразеологизмы со словом "деньги")

Helen: Oh no, it's that time of the month again – time to pay the rent.

Tim: Comes round fast enough, doesn't it?

Alice: Yeah and I'm so broke just now. I don't know where my money goes.

Tim: You need to tighten your belt Alice. Well, I'm fairly flush this month, want me to lend you some cash?

Alice: Tim, would you?

Tim: Sure, you know me, always willing to help a damsel in distress. There's only one small catch...

Идиомы о богатстве и бедности

I don't have a bean.
У меня нет ни копейки.

He's flush (with cash).
У него много денег.

Идиомы о дорогом и дешевом

This dress cost me an arm and a leg.
Это платье очень дорогое.

This bag was dirt cheap.
Эта сумка недорого стоит.