Episode 15: A heart-to-heart / Эпизод 15: Разговор по душам (слова "такие" и "так" в английском)

Helen: Hello?

Alice: Hi, Helen.

Helen: What's up Alice?

Alice: It's so quiet at work I thought I'd give you a ring. A little bird told me that the landlord is your dad!

Helen: How did you find out?

Alice: Never mind about that. Why have you been keeping it a secret for so long?

Helen: Well because as soon as people know how rich my parents are, they start treating me differently. When you and Tim came to live here I wanted to start afresh so I decided not to tell anyone.

Alice: Oh, Helen, you're such a silly goose! I promise, it won't make any difference to us! So no more secrets OK?

Helen: OK, then.

Such и so могут использоваться в предложении для эмоционального выделения.

Such + прилагательное + существительное:
They are such a happy couple – Они такая счастливая пара!

so + прилагательное/наречие:
She's so clever – Она так умна!

So может выступать в предложении в качестве союза:
It was raining so we decided to stay at home – Шел дождь, поэтому мы решили остаться дома.