Episode 12: After the film / Эпизод 12: После просмотра фильма (английская кинолексика - 2)

Michal: Well that rom-com was much better than I expected. It was really romantic. Thank you.

Alice: Oh, it was my pleasure.

Michal: Would you like to do it again – go out on another date with me?

Alice: Another date? Michal, that wasn't a date we were on there.

Michal: It wasn't? Oh, I thought it was.

Alice: No, we're just good friends.

Michal: Yes, we are good friends and I'd like us to be better friends so I'm going to ask you: would you like to go out with me?

   Вопросы, которые можно задать о кинофильме:

What's it called?
What's it about?
Where and when is it set?
Who's in it?
Who's it by?
What's it like?
Is it any good?