Episode 10: Choosing a film / Эпизод 10: Выбор фильма (английская кинолексика)

Alice: Oh, what do you fancy seeing? There's Must Love Dogs – a rom-com. Oh I love romantic comedies, don't you? Pride and Prejudice is on – I adore period dramas. You know all those fine ladies and gents from ages ago, long dresses and grand houses. What kind of films do you like – action, adventure, musicals?

Michal: Films about people living in the future, on other planets.

Alice: Oh, sci-fi – not really my thing.

Michal: Well, what about Nightmare on Elm Street? They're showing that again here.

Alice: No, thanks, horror films don't do it for me.

Michal: Well, why don't you choose?

Alice: No, you invited me out, you choose.

Michal: No, I insist.

   Фильмы разных жанров в английском:

a horror film;
a science fiction film (a sci-fi film);
an action film;
a comedy;
a drama;
a thriller;
a period drama;
a romantic comedy (a rom com);
a psychological thriller.