Новое исследование силы улыбки (озвученный текст на английском)

   There are any number of sayings about the power of the smile. 'Peace begins with a smile.' 'A smile is the universal welcome.' 'Life is short but a smile only takes a second.' All good advice. But it may not be as simple as that. According to new research, if you want to make a good impression when you meet people, it's not just that you smile. It's how you smile.
   The study was carried out by the Go Group, a business support organisation based in Scotland. They looked at people's reactions to different grins. They found that responses varied considerably.
   Through this they say they have found three types of smile to avoid: The first is 'The Enthusiast', very wide, all teeth showing, possible evidence that you can have too much of a good thing. Then there is the 'Big Freeze', a fixed grin that looks practised and fake. Finally comes 'The Robot', a small, thin smile, lacking in warmth.
   The group also warns about smiling too quickly, saying it can make you look insincere. The best smile, they say, is slower and floods naturally across the whole face.

Jonny Hogg, BBC News


a second – a very short period of time. There are 60 seconds in one minute
to make a good impression – to make people think well of you
grins – smiles
responses varied considerably – people reacted very differently
to avoid – not to do
enthusiast – person who is very positive and encouraging, who always looks on the bright side of things
have too much of a good thing – (fixed expression) it's possible that if you have something that you really like (a treat) too often, you'll eventually not enjoy it very much
fake – false, not true or genuine
lacking in warmth – not having very much friendliness and openness
floods – spreads, moves across

Виды улыбок на английском языке

beguiling / intriguing smile – заманчивая, интригующая улыбка
cheerful / happy smile – счастливая улыбка
disarming smile – обезоруживающая улыбка
fixed / forced smile – натянутая улыбка
infectious smile – заразительная улыбка
radiant / sunny smile – лучезарная, сияющая улыбка
ready smile – готовая, заученная улыбка
sardonic smile – сардоническая улыбка
supercilious smile – высокомерная, презрительная улыбка