Защищая Страдивари (озвученный текст на английском)

   For generations, lovers of classical music have believed that when it comes to the violin, there is nothing finer than the sound of a Stradivarius. But research in America has challenged the mystique surrounding the famous old instruments.
   Tests involving more than 20 professional violinists were conducted in a hotel in Indiana. The violinists were made to wear goggles that blinded them.
   They couldn't tell whether they were playing an antique Stradivarius, or a brand new instrument. And most of the musicians decided that they liked the new ones best.
   But they've been unimpressed by this in a place called Cremona, the home town of the Stradivarius violin. At the instrument museum there, a spokesman said the American survey was no more than "media hype".
   He said that for hundreds of years the world of music had recognised the quality of the Stradivarius.

Alan Johnston Note

when it comes to (something) – regarding, in connection with (something)
has challenged – has questioned
the mystique – the specialness and strangeness
goggles – a device to cover the eyes
brand new – never used before
liked the new ones best – preferred the new ones
unimpressed by (something) – not made to feel admiration for (something)
home town – town where someone is from
media hype – something which had its importance exaggerated by news outlets
recognised – accepted as the truth

Музыкальные инструменты на английском языке

балалайка – balalaika
гусли – psaltery
домбра – dombra
ситар – sitar
банджо – banjo
гитара – guitar
арфа – harp
альт – viola
контрабас – double bass, contrabass, bass viol
виолончель – violoncello