Черепаха Голиаф вернулась! (озвученный текст на английском)

   Goliath, a 70-kilogram tortoise, was found lumbering through the streets of Tracy, California last week.    He had apparently escaped from his home through an open gate, according to a report on News10.net.
   Goliath, an African Sulcata tortoise, was seen by a passerby who called Animal Control. He has belonged to the Hay family for 20 years. They breathed a sigh of relief when they found out where he was. The African Sulcata tortoise is one of the largest tortoises in the world.

Vocabulary note

to lumber: to walk slowly and heavily
двигаться неуклюже: идти медленно и тяжело

passerby: a person walking on the street
прохожий: лицо, переходящее улицу

to breathe a sigh of relief: to be happy to know that everything is fine
вздохнуть с облегчением: почуствовать радость от того, что всё обошлось (всё хорошо)