Рубрика "Call the Police!" в "Шоу Эллен": Death reported... (с переводом ключевых слов)

8:14 pm – Death reported on 200 block of South 2nd Street.
8:19 pm – Subject not dead, just napping. Says will walk home.

8:29 pm – Police received a call from a woman who said she smelled something funny in her room last night. She believed that it might be her husband.

7:53 pm – Report of a man at Highway 50 and Cottonwood Drive bragging he had felony warrants and "can’t be caught". A felony arrest was made.

2: 32 pm – A man on Forster Street contacted police after he said a squirrel ran up his leg and then chased him up the street. Police were unable to contact the squirrel.