Рубрика "Call the Police!" в "Шоу Эллен": There’s a burglar in the house! (с переводом ключевых слов)

– Hey! We will be heading downtown at 10ish for mimosas if you are still interested.
– Hey! They don’t open until 11. We are around the corner killing Tim.

– There’s a burglar in the house!
– No there’s a burglar in the house!!
– I know I’m coming. Mom call the cops and get out.
– There’s SQUIRREL in the house.
– A squirrel? Are you kidding me? I almost had a heart attack.

– I’m coming and I have treats...
– Stop bringing me junk food!
– I should get some apples and carrots to keep at the house that would be healthier.
– Ya, I snack on prostitutes.
– Pringles.
– Not prostitutes. Lol

– Are you working on Saturday?
– Yeah and I got asked to do playboy too. I’m gonna do it because I need the money.
– You are not posing for playboy
Over my dead body Kathleen
– Oh wait until your father hears this.
– Omg mom I wrote overtime. Not playboy.

– You would not believe the day I had
– I devoured a baby in cab
– You what!!
– Ha! Oh God. Delivered!! This phone I swear
– OMG wow boy or girl?
– Gorilla
– Girl