Рубрика "Call the Police!" в "Шоу Эллен": Two bags of garbage had been stolen (с переводом ключевых слов)

5:28 pm – A woman called police and reported that her two bags of garbage had been stolen from the curb. The police investigated and informed her that the garbage truck had picked up her garbage.

2:33 pm – A delivery person reported seeing a woman bent over and bleeding at the neck. Police determined she was just wearing a red scarf.

1:17 pm – A 23-year-old woman called police to report that her mother-in-law hag entered her home without permission and make insulting remarks.

9:40 pm – A caller on Cliff Street reported seeing a strange foam coming up his front lawn that he believes is an extraterrestrial. Officers responded and determined the strange foam was the reflection of moonlight on his grass.