Рубрика "Clumsy thumbsy" в "Шоу Эллен": Well, good luck with that! (с переводом ключевых слов)

– Great news – Grandma is homosexual!!
– Okay?
– Homo hot lips.
– Hot tulips.
– I'm getting frustrated. Grandma is home from hospital.

– So what else is new?
– Um not much.
– I just found out I made the varsity crossdressing team.
– Well good luck with that! I have some lace panties you could have! Lol.
Cross country. I am going to kick this phone ass.

– Are you doing the nutcracker this year?
– Yep! I'm auctioning kids tomorrow.
Suctioning kids.
– Ridiculous auto cat rectal.
– I'm auditioning kids for play.
– Wow I am sorry I asked!