Рубрика "Clumsy thumbsy" в "Шоу Эллен": Why is that funny? (с переводом ключевых слов)

- Are you around today?
- Just barfing a plane. Call in 2 hours.
- Boarding. Lol.

- Your great aunt just passed away. Lol.
- Why is that funny?
- It's not funny David! What do you mean?
- Mom lol means laughing out loud!
- Oh my goodness! I send that to everyone.
I thought it means lots of love. I have to call everyone back. Oh God.

- Just finished! Now I'm jumping in the shower. I'll be quick.
- I'm going to lunch with Rox now. Wanna meet us at CPK?
- Or want me to oil you up?
- Pick you up! Want me to pick you up!

- Are you definitely going to veterinarian school?
- Yep. I'll get spend my days humping animals and that makes me happy.
- Wow. Helping. I definitely meant helping.

- Thank you again for an amazing first date.
- Any time When's the 2nd date? I can't wait to see those big beautiful nipples of yours.
- NO.
- I'm sorry I mean dimples. My phone changed it.
- I didn't mean to write nipples.
- I'm going to jump off a bridge now.