Рубрика "Clumsy thumbsy" в "Шоу Эллен": I meant 'caffeine'! (с переводом ключевых слов)

– Hey, Rachel lost her camera last night and she thinks it might be in your womb.
– Ummm... 'm pretty sure it's not.
– Oh my God. Room! Gross.

Running late. This is a severe lack of cocaine in the house.
– So we need to stop by the gas station.
– For some cocaine?
– OMGH I meant caffeine, mom.
– Well I hope the FBI isn't tapping your phone, honey.

– Can you call me when you're off work?
– You okay?
– I need your assinmyface please.
– ??? I think your auto text is on.
– Omg. I meant I need your assistance.

– I'll talk to you later. Too saloon.
– That was supposed to say roofs loop.
– oh my eff. Toodalloo.
– Lol. Ellen would like that!
– She would put it in her show!
– I know she would!